Saturday, February 3, 2018

Life of the Independents: Screen, Screen and more Screenings

As an independent filmmaker, one of the best forms of networking is screening your projects. Screening Room ATL is always looking for the best in indie films. It is a great way to self-promote and it gets all facets of filmmaking folks in the same room to talk shop, partner up and promote each other's projects.

Yes, my cohorts at Eyes Entertainment and some of our crew screened the third film short Anacusis at SRATL. Click this video for the full interview⏩⏩⏩⏩⏩⏩
If you want to see Anacusis check it on YouTube

Do you have a film you want Filmmakers Lab to view and review? Send an email to in the subject line type: Watch my Film.

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Friday, January 12, 2018

FILMMAKERSLAB Film Review Friday: #Victoria

Screening Room ATL is one of my favorite networking events.  Every Wednesday, indie film shorts, and trailers are shown on the upper level of the posh restaurant, Negril Village, which boasts a cathedral-style building complete with an outdoor patio and metered parking lot.  The two-tiered establishment serves up affordable authentic Caribbean eats, while the best of indie film shorts play on two screens.


This week on the Filmmakers Lab roster is the action-filled drama #Victoria played by Vanessa Fant and written and directed by Mark Buddington.  This true-to-form tale tells the story of a daughter who moves from out of town, to live with her father, in a poor inner city of New York.  The story deals with Victoria's inheritance of her father's tainted legacy.  Victoria's father's shady reputation is littered with distrust, drugs and dirty money.

Fant did an awesome job of portraying a young woman, who is forced into the throws of an unfamiliar, dangerous world.  She makes you sympathize with Victoria and want her to get revenge.  Fant's performance pushes the audience to question how they would handle that kind of situation.  Fant's portrayal of Victoria was believable. We wanted her to win despite her tactics.
Click to see #Victoria trailer

Property of United Millions

Khalimah Gaston, who plays Victoria's friend, Kim, committed fully to her ride or die character.  Gaston said the hardest part was handling the gun, but without hesitation she pulls that hammer back with confidence, further showing her range.  Both Fant and Gaston's performances were spot on in their portrayal of na├»ve impressionable young women turned wanna be weight pushers.

All in all it was a solid, well-directed film.  #Victoria kept me engaged and unsuspecting. The action sequences were not overrun with beats and fluff.  I appreciate Buddington's straight-to-the-point writing style.  The subplots had loose ends, but for the most part, Buddington served us urban drama, raw and true.  Buddington has a solid handle on the art of storytelling.  Check out his website at   Amongst Buddington's vast arsenal, I found a gem called Preto.  Look out for that review.  Check #Victoria on Amazon Movie and iTunes.

Thank you to all those that have been there to support Filmmakers Lab's quest to bring exposure to the independent artist.  Until my next post, write on!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Evolution of Eyes Entertainment: Screening of Artful Dodger at SRATL

Artful Dodger Cast/Crew 

It seems so long ago when we filmed Artful Dodger. I might not remember everything about that weekend, but I do remember it was one of the most mentally/emotionally challenging times of my life. I treated it as a gauge. If I made it to the end loving the process, then I would continue pursuing a career in writing. There were times when I wasn't sure if this was what I was supposed to be doing. When you ask God, he will reveal all.
It was not an easy task by any stretch of the imagination. We had so many obstacles. This was my teams' first time participating, but even with all its challenges, it was not our last.

Fast forward two years to the present and two 48-hour-films later, Eyes Entertainment sits down with Screening Room ATL to discuss their first film.

Screening Room ATL's Khalimahg Gaston
w/Lena Brown
Writer at Eyes Entertainment

This has been a personal journey for me as much as it has been rewarding. Finally, a screening and sit down, but a year ago, I would have run from the thought of public speaking.  I have to thank that person who helped me get there. She knows who she is.

Thank you Screening Room ATL for supporting Atlanta indie filmmakers! Thank you, Fourth Quarter Media Group for having my back and making this experience that much more worthwhile. Your support means everything. Okay, I know no one is going to read this, so just click the videos!

Watch Artful Dodger Now!