Saturday, December 17, 2011

Triond: One of the Best Ways to Earn Money Writing

Have you ever heard of Triond?  If you are a writer trying to make some sort of living online, a great way to do it is to sign up for FREE with  You can write just about anything on Triond, but it has to be original.  They have strict policies governing this; so, don't even think about stealing material.  You won't get away with it on Triond.

You don't have to worry about placing your work either.  Triond does it all... All you have to do is come up with creative, original material, write and submit.  Triond is affiliated with many websites where people come to just read such as Beyond Jane, HealthMad, Trifter and Authspot.  If you write poetry your material will be placed on Authspot or if you like to write about health your work will probably show up on HealthMad.  Here is a tip:  Poetry does not get many views, but gamers and health articles get plenty of clicks.  The more content you put up the more you give people to read.  Here is how it works; you write your article/poem, it is placed and people click to read. Those clicks are then transferred into $$$.  It really depends on the quality of the content; if it is something people want to know about they will click.

Also, if you happen to have been working online for as long as I have and understand the value of having a Google Adsense account you will earn even more when someone clicks on the ads (that will be placed on your articles' page by Triond).  If someone clicks and makes a purchase you get a commission.  The best part about Triond is all you have to do is plug in your Google Adsense account number and BOOM you are good!  The sooner you start submitting work, the sooner you will begin to create a residual income.  I have not written an article for Triond in a long time, but I am still making a little bit of money.

Click Right Here and check out my page and join.  IT'S FREE!!!  If you like to write Triond is the place for you.

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