Monday, January 9, 2012

How to Effectively Dodge the Pitfalls of the Filmmaking Industry

My sister gave me the name the Artful Dodger. Immediately I was drawn to the name.  I thought, "Yeah that is me, that fits me perfectly."  My daughter did her research and found that the term is applied to those that dodge responsibilities.  Well, one thing I understand about life is no one can define you, but yourself.  When applied to me, the Artful Dodger is one who dodges obstacles artfully.  Getting out of the way with poise and grace and I have managed to do just that; dodging the pitfalls and wolves of the entertainment industry.

My partners and I have met with so much rejection and shadiness that we should have quit a long time ago, but thankfully we have emerged from each adversity unscaved.  My advice to those who are trying to pursue a writing/filmmaking career is as follows:


  • Make sure you are knowledgeable of the industry, the creative and business side.  What good is the talent if you don't practice or research.


  • Make your presence known online and in the world.  Let people know what you are trying do. Write for some of the online publications. This is a great way to get recognition and be taken seriously. Also, try working on a movie set as an Intern. The best position I have found that doesn't require a degree is Production Assistant (PA).


  • Don't trust everyone.  There are so many wolves within the industry and the bottom line is how much money can your story make them. Never compromise your integrity.


  • Never allow anyone to speak for you.  It causes confusion and miscommunications.  If you can find someone as passionate as you are about writing and your projects you have tackled half the battle.

I have been writing all my life, but I only started writing professionally about five years ago, writing for online publications. It has been a long road and I have made some mistakes. The best part is I am doing something I love; the obstacles are challenges. Take one at a time, conquer it and keep it moving!

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