Monday, January 9, 2012

Research, Research and More Research and Bright Hub

Hone your Skills as a Screenplay Writer and Research

I love blogs; writing and speaking my mind it's great! So, this post is no exception. I have to unload. First, I have to say thank you again to Bright Hub for the knowledge you've bestowed upon me. Such valuable information is not coming from those that are embedded in the industry. I appreciate you. Now back to my rant!

I have been writing and researching all day. I do some sort of research everyday. I have my marketing research job with a New York City public relations firm to thank for that. I loved that job at first, but I wanted to leave when I realized I was going nowhere. I am thankful for that job, but I am not ranting about that. You know what... I don't rant, well ummm sometimes.

I HAVE to do research. It gives me confidence and all I have to do is ask Google. So, I am not mad about that, but is there a such thing as too much information? Yes, there is and I've experienced this over the last week. My brain is fried. I have to write things down to reference because our minds are the first to go and I am hanging on for dear life.

That is the reason for the shout out to Bright Hub. The screenplay writing information was easy to understand. It was screenplay writing minus the Hollywood definitions. I have found that many articles and such are "Hollywood" driven and technically difficult to understand. I also found the more information I found the more confused I became. Most of the information was repetitious, but every now and then I came across an instruction that was different from another I had read. I made sure to make note of the contradiction and moved on. I have five tabs open at one time... sometimes more.

I need a mind break...


Research is important, especially when honing your skills, but take from it what you will according to your writing voice.  Ultimately, it is your writing voice that will be heard by many. Make sure it is prepared... clear and loud!

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