Sunday, January 8, 2012

Why Filmmakers are Missing out if They Don't Film in Georgia

If you are a filmmaker and you are not taking advantage of undeniable backdrops that can be used in most any setting, getting in on the Georgia film movement and tax incentives offered in Georgia let me tell you what you are missing:

VAST SCENERY (Locations)
  • Georgia has been used in films over the years, as a stand-in location, for many parts of the world.  The Georgia scenery is one that does not compare to many. Most recently, The Blindside and Fast and Furious movies were made in Atlanta; very different genres both filmed in Georgia.
  • The recent boom experienced by Georgia's film industry has created career opportunities in both union and non-union film jobs.  Many occupations that were stand alone jobs can incorporate their skills with the film industry; such as builders, stylists and accountants. There are many other occupations that can make the transition into the entertainment business and Georgia is on the cutting edge.
INCENTIVES (Tax credit and sales/use exemptions)
  • Incentives come in the way of 30 percent tax credit on qualified films.  First, you must have at least $500,000.00 secured investment. (In other words, lower budget films will not qualify). You will receive the first 20 percent once you've satisfied this requirement.  Second, you will have to ensure that you will embed the Georgia (Peach) logo at the end of your screenplay to receive the remaining 10 percent. You may also qualify for the Sales & Use Tax Exemption, which can save production costs on materials and rentals up to eight percent.
Here are some comments by industry professionals and publications about filming in Georgia:

"...numerous carpenters, hairstylists, accountants and other workers upended by the economic slump have found steady gigs through Georgia's skyrocketing number of film and television shoots."

'Stay seated for the credits.... and you'll see why Georgia Film officials love Hollywood these days,' AJC

To find out more on the advantages of filming in Georgia and proper forms to get the incentives go to  All information found here can be found on the website.

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