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A Family On Edge - Urban Drama (Feature Film) Slated for Release Fall 2012

I am Superwoman! No wait, I am really just Colleen, writer, mother, sister, daughter, filmmaker... Oh wait I am Superwoman. Well, Superwoman would have been able to keep up her blog while making a movie.  My apologies... Really I have been on the set of A Family On Edge. Check out the trailer above.

A Family On Edge

Cinesational Films (Former President of Paragon Records, Bruce Locke) and Eyes Entertainment (DP Hakim Robinson and Producer, ReGina Nicole) teamed up to create a gripping drama that will leave moviegoers on the Edge of their seats.  A Family On Edge, in dramatic fashion displays how sometimes we can't help but feel sorry for ourselves; how very destructive it is to only think of ourselves and what toying with someones' emotions can lead to.

Anthony Dorsey (right)of R&B group 'Hamilton Park' 
with Wayne Stewart(Young Mike) and Jacobe King (Young Gabe)

The cast includes Anthony Dorsey from the famed Atlanta-based R&B group 'Hamilton Park' and rising stars Sean White, Gabriel Davis and Jules Nobles, each bringing an explosive mix of raw talent and energy.

Sean White (Mike)

Gabriel Davis (Gabriel) and Jules Nobles (Risa)

The film's cast and crew set out to complete the movie in 15 days. Principal shooting began on March 18, 2012.  The grueling 10-12 hours days took its toll on everyone, with most of the cast suffering from being out in the elements all day and night.  Although, the schedule was rough, every single person involved gave 100 percent and the film was completed 15 days later on April 1, 2012.  The dedication put forth was nothing short of amazing!
Some of the cast & crew of A Family on Edge

It was a great time on set and the learning experience was invaluable.  My advice to rising filmmakers, writers, producers and those of the sort is to surround yourself with people that share your same goals.

Please be on the look out for more blog posts about the movie and more importantly about what I learned as the script supervisor on the set.  'Like' A Family On Edge on Facebook and check out some of the behind the scenes stills and video.

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  1. Great people = great production. I cannot wait for the release of this movie!


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