Saturday, February 7, 2015

Keep On Moving

It has been over a year. It is so hard to stay dedicated to blogging. I have friends who tell me that they go to my blog all the time to see what's new. I am always ranting about how people need to be responsible.  Shame on me.  I do have so much to tell since the last post, where I said I was going to do better with blogging.  Right.  I apologize, I lied and it wasn't intentional.  Blogging takes discipline that I have in so many other areas of my writing. Blogging might not be enough for me. I am not sure, but here I am back again.

The past year or so has been crazy to say the least.  I have moved, I helped three people recoup from a car accident when their vehicle flipped over three times.  There have been deaths and my mom had a close call with a blood clot in her lung, you know those nasty things that kill people?  Well, my mom made it through, but not without letting us all know that the blood clot almost "took her out" the way she put it. That reality was eyeopening, especially since I wasn't able to get to her because I had already purchased a ticket for a later visit.  I was mortified at the fact that I might not have the chance to see my mom. I have to say, thank God.

There was a birth, another death and some more of life's woes that didn't affect me took much. I will say this all the time, you have to keep on moving and that is what I have been doing.  My first film short, Rogue, is in the pre-production phase right now and I can't be more happy.  It has been a long haul for my partners and I. We have seen the good, the bad and the extremely ugly.  You know who you are, telling people you can do this and that and never produce a single contact or anything for that matter.  It was discouraging to say the least. Passion always prevails and despite the many pitfalls, I am here STILL WRITING.

Team Rogue consists of Karma Brown, DG Sandz, Ms. Flaire Stewart and I.  The Awesome Foursome!!!  Super powers activate!  I am looking forward to a great summer with long hours doing what I love to do, create. Making movies the bonus I never saw coming. Rogue coming soon.  Stay tuned...

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