Saturday, February 7, 2015

Ode to the Writer

Is there a writer out there that can tell me how to keep up with ALL this writing? I am not complaining, but I do write all day, everyday. When I walk away from my computer I feel as though I stepped into the matrix. My eyes have to adjust to an entirely different light. I proceed with caution. Yet, only to return back to reality, my reality.

WRITING is work just ask that Math major that has to take a writing class. They would rather gouge their eyes out. Writing is my life and has been for a long time.  My hands have taken a beating and still I will write out everything. WRITING feeds my soul and I don't know how to stop and take a break. Maybe I am not supposed to.

WRITERS are the beginning and without them there is no content.

My rant ends here...

I realize I have not posted in a very long time. I really didn't have much to talk about. The life of a writer at times is secretive.  Still, I apologize to my readers for not being the responsible blogger. I definitely have been head down and fingers moving.

Please look for my next post to come soon, maybe today.  Great things are happening with myself and my team.  I will see you back here.  I have a list of things I must complete!

Until my next post, thanks for stopping by!

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