Monday, May 25, 2015

A Soldier's Heart

"Camouflage"At the end of a gun barrel
Buried in the burning white sand
Embedded in the bleeding flesh wounds
Left alone in distant lands
Imprinted on the infantry badges
Branded on the Airborne Ranger patch
Peeking through infrared sights
Hiding under every bunker hatch
Soaring about the sky with guided missiles
Lodged into detonated Claymore mines
Flying on the wings of stealth bombers
Leaving trails across enemy lines
Etched on a sniper’s weapon
Bound around war prisoners hands
Curled up under the soldier’s tent
Wrapped around flagpole stands
Engulfed in the flames of tanker battles
Soaked into the sweat of the brave
Dripping from the faces of their families tears
Amongst the soul laid to rest in the graves
Here is where you will find the heart of a soldier


Lena Brown Copyright 2009

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