Monday, May 25, 2015

Family Man, Teammate, Survivor: Allen Iverson

In my former life I was a sports journalist.

Okay, so now that we have established my credentials I have to be clear, this is not a sports article, but it does involve an icon in the sport of basketball and one of my very favorite players ever.  Every night he played you could guarantee it would be explosive. You could bet that you would be treated to his will, strength and skill.  Now, why would anyone have a problem with that?

He made it beyond exciting.  I never wanted to see him lose.  I never took my eyes off of him.  He made my heart pound and unless he was playing the Knicks I was routing for him.

I get excited about sports, all kinds.  Maybe it's just the thrill of competing.  I am still figuring that out but one thing I have learned is... I despise losing.

I hate to see people that I admire lose.  I hated to see Allen Iverson lose at anything.  It bothered me sooo much.  Misunderstood!  I can relate.  I always understood.  What do I see when I look at AI?  I see a man who was has never displayed any stereotype they tried to tag him with... How do you want to be remember?  "I want to be remembered as a family man, a teammate... a survivor."  Allen Iverson

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