Saturday, May 23, 2015

Short Film Rogue: The Journey

Logline: The government utilizes unsuspecting "less desired" 
citizens to test a serum to create a biochemically enhanced regime.
Project Rogue

Come take this trip with Dreaming in Color Films and I in the making of our first film short entitled Rogue.  This film is a familiar take on a government plot to create a super soldier, but with a twist that is both unsuspecting and unique.  Look forward to sneak peeks at the making of the film, props used and some clues as to what this film is really all about.  Check out the last picture below and guess its correlation to the film.

Dreaming in Color Films Pre-production Meeting
 Rogue will be ready for production in three weeks.
Photo Credit: Hwi Ai Brown

3/5th of the DICFilms Team
Karma Brown, Lena Brown, Ms. Flaire
Other members of DICFilms not shown above:  DG Sandz and S.N. Bynoe

Prop for the film Rogue (dog tags)
Toni Deroche is in a bad way. The military is responsible.  Can you guess why? 
(See the answer in upcoming blog post and a sneak peek at the script!)

As the time nears, I am totally in the moment thinking about filming a project that has my name on it (as a creator)!!  What an awesome process it has been.  It has been long, tedious, anxiety filled, and I love every minute of it.  Thank you to everyone who has supported us on this long journey.  We still have a way to go.  Baby steps...

"Boxes are for cowards." LB

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