Sunday, May 17, 2015

Writers: Back Away from the Computer

As much as I love writing, the process really takes me away from a lot things that I love and has taken its toll on my health.  Writing is truly the life of someone that is very comfortable being alone for long periods of time.  This will age you quickly though.  Word to the wise, get from behind that computer as often as you possibly can.

I had to learn the hard way; the aches, the pains, the charlie horses and muscle issues, the realigning of my back and such.  Physical therapy is not something I wanted to have to worry about at the ripe young age of 47, but here I am hooked to electrodes and doing exercises 2 to 3 times a day after my hot pack treatment.  It is both annoying and inconvenient.  It is the result of 10 + years of sitting on my butt.

In that 10-year time span, I did yoga, worked out daily at the gym at times, but I was not consistent.  Sedentary was much easier.  Not!  Get up and back away from the computer often and make the most of your time off to walk, exercise, engage in a sport or just getting back to the things you love.  Don't allow yourself to become complacent.  Get up, get out and do something!!!

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