Thursday, December 10, 2015

Pressure Release: Abdu Dandridge


(Title Idea: Curtis Karma Brown)

Early in my script writing career, before I moved to Atlanta to capitalize on the film market, I had the pleasure and privilege of meeting an extremely talented, down to earth director, writer and producer named Abdu Dandridge.  He took time out of his busy filmmaking life to visit me in New York, while on business.

I was anxious but excited while waiting for him to arrive.  Upon entering my home, I offered him a seat at the dining room table.  I introduced him to my daughter and my dad.  Dandridge, understanding good first impressions, left a lasting one on my family and I.  I had an overwhelming feeling that I should keep in touch with him.

I wanted to get straight to our conversation because Dandridge was in the trenches and could provide insight.  Still, I didn't know what to expect.  I hoped he didn't come to crush my dreams, a Hollywood type who would make me feel worthless among the filmmakers.  Others  were very critical in their opinions of my work.  They pushed me aside, told me I was a mediocre scriptwriter and should hone my craft.   As true as some of these things were back then, all I required was a little push to not quit.

To my surprise, Dandridge had an infectious positive attitude and offered the nudge I needed.  I soon found he came to encourage my writing team and I, explaining we should ignore the naysayers, prepare for the many more we would encounter and we had to be in it for more than just making money.  We had to act on a cause.  Our work had to have some sort of purpose.

Dandridge confirmed that there is no easy way to break into the film industry but to just do it, go full throttle and complete the work.  He had finished his own film project Pressure which he wrote, produced and directed and was looking to get it distributed.  He told me if my team and I wanted our film to be successful we must do it ourselves even if that meant making the pen move, holding the camera and finding the money.  I was amazed when he told me he was doing it all.  At that moment, I was grateful to have two other people (my cousins) by my side.  Dandridge gave us hope.

I gave him my undivided attention and my only regret would be not having enough foresight to document our talk.  He dropped many jewels that have assisted me throughout my writing journey, ones I could pass onto someone else, just as he is doing through his own film projects.  The best thing I did was to keep in contact.

Through producing mentor-based projects, My Brother's Keeper, and his film project Pressure, poised to be released in 2016, which teaches youth to be leaders and not succumb to peer pressure, Dandridge is sure to leave an indelible mark on the film industry.  He has an extensive list of films to his credit and an impressive writing, producing and directing list of both commercials and films.

Dandridge is the CEO and founder of the independent production company, Pressure Entertainment Films LLC., the one-stop production company that provides entertainment and promotional servicesPressure Entertainment specializes in the production of quality full-length features, music videos and tailored commercials.  Pressure Entertainment Films LLC. is scheduled to produce a minimum of two films per year, including a range of online video and On-Demand content.  Click play to view the new Pressure Entertainment Films reel.


Dandridge is a native New Yorker who, with his family, now calls Phoenix, Arizona their home. He started “Pressure Productions” in 1994 out of his love for filmmaking.  Early in his career, he co-wrote, produced and directed the hilarious TV comedy No B.S. Allowed; which aired for three years on Brooklyn, New York’s Community Access Television network.  He has written eight full-feature screenplays and directed numerous music videos for independent record labels such as Now Or Never Records, A.I.O Entertainment and Gatbush Brooklyn Crew.  Dandridge also directed and co-produced the music videos, Hit It From the Back, featuring Big Daddy Kane; Heaven's Gate featuring G.B.B.K. and Metro featuring, Parry Watson and DJ Prince Ice from the Big DM radio station in South Carolina.

In 1996, Dandridge wrote, produced and directed his first animated project entitled Junior High. That same year, he completed another animated film entitled Brooklyn. In 2003, he produced, wrote and directed the very funny comedy Captain Blue, which was independently released on DVD in 2010.  Dandridge’s film and video experience continues to grow as he produced, directed and edited a music video entitled Grown Man with artist “P. Watts”, featuring “Piazo” and “Pachino Dino”. The Grown Man video received the 2010 South Carolina Music Video Award for ”Best Video of the Year”.

To say the least, Dandridge is ahead of his time.  He is a true craftsman doing the necessary work to churn out timeless films that make a difference.  His passion for mentoring youth and making great films is evident, and it is both refreshing and appreciated. It is a great thing to see his growth, and I am proud to say I know him.

Subscribe to his channel on Youtube and see his full portfolio Pressuremovie
Visit his web site:  Pressure Entertainment

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Support the arts and click on the highlighted links to see Dandridge's work.  Also click on the video below and check out Dandridge's animated film:  Junior High - a gripping animated short that deals with bullying and one of my favs!!

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