Thursday, December 17, 2015

Queen of the Indie Film: Introducing Regina Nicole

Photo Credit:  Hakim Robinson

There is so much that I want to say about this talented soul, Regina Nicole.  I am qualified, because we have been in the film gutters, together capturing those perfect shots, gorilla style.  Therefore, I will try to be completely unbiased.

Regina Nicole is pretty amazing... all for being impartial.  Seriously, Regina Nicole has a brilliant mind.  When I met her, she was studying to be a lawyer and working as a Program Director at a local radio station in Atlanta.  Luckily for the judicial system, she chose to go into the entertainment field.  Her sweetly brazen, well-informed speak has taken down the best of them.

Call it psychic powers or super powers. Call it what you want, but it was no coincidence that I had already titled this blog post while Regina Nicole was getting inked up with a tat that reflects it just the same.  Our last phone call was full of loud laughter and "I can't believe yous."  So, yes it is official she is the Queen of the Indie film.  Don't forget who said it first.  Her creativity and chops leave nothing to be desired.  Her smile lights up the screen and striking looks will draw you in and keep you mesmerized.

I refer to Regina as amazing for several reasons, but mainly because in addition to taking care of her family, she has managed to find time to hone her craft studying under the tutelage of Nick Conte's School of Acting based in Atlanta.  Regina Nicole possesses a diverse arsenal of impressive roles in both short and feature-film independent arenas. 


Regina Nicole will eventually direct one day, I am sure of it.  She has a director's eye.  She is one half of the production company Eyes Entertainment Inc.  Her role as Assistant Director has proven to be both rewarding and frustrating, as her methods can be somewhat over the top, but effective nonetheless.  She is consistent and is always successful in guiding production to completion.  

From time to time she gets to flex her producing muscle utilizing cost-saving tricks that most producers envy.   She is both efficient and resourceful.  I can go on and on, but I will let her work speak for itself.  Please just click the play button and check out the hottest talent in Atlanta.

Photo Credit:  Hakim Robinson
Born in  Galveston, Texas now calling Georgia her home, Regina Nicole is a great role model for mothers and kids alike.  To know her kids is to truly know her.  She has managed to pass on all that is great about herself to them. Interesting story, I was tagging along one day.  She had to pick up her kids from school.  The boys pile in the car and greet us.  Her oldest says, "You look nice."  I thought he was talking to Regina.  Her children adore her, so naturally I thought that was mommy love.  Regina Nicole turns to me and says, "Umm, he's talking to you." I believe he was still elementary school age.  She is a great example of what young women should be focusing on today.

As a part of the agency Tenterfield Artist Alliance, Regina Nicole will continue to grow into an even more impressive actress and garner many film projects that are sure to make box office noise.  Will she make the transition into mainstream movie madness?  Who knows.  The Indie world loves her and is not ready to let her go over to the dark side yet, and I can make you a promise, we are not going to let her go without a fight.


  1. Regina Nicole is an amazing woman! With more than just great talent, a huge heart. She is what every young woman should look up to.

  2. Well written about a talented actress!


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