Friday, February 5, 2016

Diversifying Business: Partnering with Craig Davis &
Photo Credit:  Craig Davis

It is always great when you are asked to be someone's partner.  I jumped at the opportunity.

My friend and now business partner, Craig Davis, offers professional photography services at premium rates. Check out his web site for more details and you can find his link on the right sidebar of Filmmakers Lab.

AmansWell is a vivid and creative brand of contemporary photography catered to optimize the elements and ambiance of commercial and residential wall spaces. AMansWell, a therapeutic name he describes as the  connection between the artist and that special place creativity comes from has been driven to find that place with photography, painting, and creative writing. 


The photo of the lonely hat above, well it's winning awards.   Click this link for the full LinkedIn article. Viewbug Award.
Partnering is a great way to cross market your business and engage with audiences that are not necessarily your niche, but may have some interest in what you are doing.  If you are in business for the purpose of sales this can amp up your profits.  If you are in the business of exposure, this will definitely assist in getting those views.  The more partners you have the more money and exposure you will achieve.  Make the best of your blog or website and find those that are willing to partner with you.  There is money to be made in numbers.

Be on the lookout for the articles that go into detail about partnering, affiliate programs, optimizing your blog and diversifying your business.  Until my next blog... Write on!

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