Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Old Movie - New Movie "Changed Man"

Those that have been keeping up with my writing career are aware that this script is near and dear to my heart.  This, the first one, the beginning.  The script that was written for someone else, almost stolen and looked at from every angle possible.  It has been called everything from great to garbage.  More times it has been called great.  It is a matter of perspective.  We are not trying to please everyone.  You like it, cool.  You don't... we don't care.  You write a script and produce it, and fund it, and direct it and edit it... Do it.  I dare you to try.

Maneuvering through the filmmaking industry can be tricky.  You can't always share what you are doing, but when you do, be careful.  Over the course of the past couple of months, my partners and I have made the decision to put some other projects to the side to come back to this one.  No one wants to waste time writing a script and then it just sits.  If you do, shame on you.

But, this script keeps coming up.  People we have told about it years ago want to know if they are going to see it on the big screen.  "What happened with that script where that guy... "Heavy hitters in the industry like, Abdu Dandridge of  Pressure Entertainment Films and Autumn Bailey-Ford, PVIFF have been with us since the inception of this script and has been there to offer support and encouragement. I won't say anymore, but it is becoming an issue.  It is very easy to become unfocused in this game.  But, when you tell people about a film you are writing, and they like the concept they will see to it that you either get it done or make you look foolish because it didn't.

Anyone can write a script.  It is not that difficult, but not everyone can see that script to fruition and that is a fact.  Ask anyone that has embarked on this venture and they will tell you how difficult this journey is.  For the sake of not looking foolish, here we are Colleen Franklin, Donald Sanders and Curtis Brown back at Changed Man again.  It is a story of acceptance and love.  We can all relate to that.  For all those that did not want to take it on, thanks for the motivation.  For those that said it was garbage, I am still waiting to see your award-winning film.  I'll even pay to see it.  We thank everyone that loves this script and have been pushing for it to get done.  We appreciate the motivation.  Changed Man... Lets Go!

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