Monday, February 29, 2016

Sharp Shooter: Photographer Craig Davis -

Photo Credit: M. Spain
The law of attraction is real.  We attract who we are.  My friend and business partner, Craig Davis, and I met some years ago when we were asked to participate in creating a lifestyle magazine.  The majority of the staff were from other parts of the U.S., and we did all of our meetings over the phone.  We hadn't seen each other face to face until I moved to Atlanta a year or so later.  We quickly connected on a very high intellectual level.  We have a mutual respect for how we think, and we became mutual fans of the other.
As time passed, we saw the other get better at our craft and continued to support the other through trading services.  Davis, a self-taught photographer, has an eye that equals that of some of the best (  He is progressively getting better and becoming more popular.   Check out our interview about who inspires him, his works and the meaning behind AManswell.

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