Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Will Power: My Periscope Interview with Filmmaker Will Wonders

From Brooklyn to the Tribeca Film Festival, Will Wonders is doing some amazing things at Quiverfull Productions LLC.  Wonders and his team are definitely changing lives one story at a time.  I had the great opportunity to pin my cousin down (yes the talent runs deep) and get the full scoop on how he came to have a film on the Tribeca film circuit, other shorts in the can and what he has coming up.

Once again, I took to Periscope to vlog this post.  I was reluctant because I am still working on being in front of the camera and working on my interviewing skills.  I did not edit this because it is both interesting and hilarious.  Watch how we get down...

Click the Quiverfull Productions LLC link above to view the website.  Also, if you are interested in filmmaking check out Wonders Periscope at wwonders3 for tutorials on the world of filmmaking.

Blog Title Credit:  Karma Brown

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