Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Self Righteous vs. Self Pity: Award Winning Short by Filmmaker John Cunningham

Click link to see full video!

If you have ever felt like you wanted to teach someone a lesson this film short will leave nothing to be desired.  The surprise ending will make you laugh and think.  I am one for always lending a helping hand.  I believe it is why I exist.  But, why do we really help others?  What is the human aspect of helping people?  I had to think about it really hard after watching this film.  Without giving it all away, two men's paths cross one homeless, the other very successful.  They chat, but it is not the greatest conversation, and my first thought was the successful man was going to help the homeless man and be on his way.  Personally, I feel any homeless person brave enough to ask for money deserves every penny they receive.  It is on them what they are going to do with it.  At any point, anyone and I mean anyone of us can be homeless. Click the link above and see how my Twitter friend, John Cunningham, put together this masterpiece of a short about two things we have all been guilty of.  Let's talk about it!!!

As always enjoy and Write on!!!

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