Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Writer Penelope Bartlett Drops Resource Jewels for Women Filmmakers (Here It Is Again)

Image Credit: Pablo
I read this article written by Penelope Bartlett and I was compelled to share with all my women filmmakers that need the support we so often go without.  We have to start supporting each other more.

Please take your time and read through this article that Bartlett so graciously put together.  It is chock full of information on support that women can get through different organizations especially designed for us.

It took me years to find my voice.  Now, you can't get me to shut up.  It would bother me when I thought no one was listening.  Only until recently I felt almost invisible.

What I realize is people are listening.  It is just not the people we expected.  One of my goals  is to assist those women and men in navigating their careers as artists to get the shine we all deserve.  Shout out to all the independents out there! Find your spot at Filmmakers Lab
As my saying goes, "Write On!"

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