Sunday, April 3, 2016

Invest in Our Future: New TV Show Millennials

The showrunners for the production of the TV show Millennials need your help to bring this show to fruition. This dramamedy is told mainly from the point of view of millennials. This show will delve into prevalent, but not always spoken, extremely important topics that affect this generation, and how they deal with these obstacles, if at all.

If you are the parent of a millennial, you will want to be involved with this project. As well, we all know someone that is a parennial. I just made that up! Seriously though, there is a gigantic gap in communication between them and older generations. If nothing more, it will bring about discussion on what really makes millennials tick and how to relate to them.


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This show will delve into issues, not necessarily unique, but are important and have to eventually be addressed.  Millennials will focus on topics that touch on mental illness, suicide and racism. Why do many millennials suffer from anxiety? Why aren't some learning the lessons of yesteryear? Why are millennials so unapologetic? The bridge of this generational gap, in particular, is the most significant, in my opinion, and one that has to be closed quickly. The future of the world depends on it.

 Recruiter, Kevin, (on couch) Kyoshi, Davis, Tanya (back of couch) Chauncy, Denim (standing)

From the cast and crew of Millennials, thank you in advance for your contribution to the Millennial project.

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