Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Seafood Grits The Food for Writers

The writer's life can be hectic.  Sometimes we go several hours and longer without sustenance.  Between long hours researching information for a project or spending time on set, the need for a proper diet is essential.  I love to cook and sometimes I break the rules, but for the most part my partners and I eat pretty healthy.  Chicken, fish, salad, veggies and fruit pretty much make up our diet.  I slip in a carb here and there, but my favorite food besides crab legs is grits.  I don't know why but I love grits with cheese.  You have to try out these seafood grits.  They are wonderful.  I first tasted them at a restaurant in Atlanta called Pappadeaux.  The brunch menu is sick.  I have no idea what type of seafood is in their grits, but I wanted to try my own recipe.  The picture below is what I use.

I used these smaller shrimp this time but I don't particularly like the taste and normally use the bigger ones (raw not peeled or deveined) and just cut them into smaller pieces but these are all I had on deck. This is what I do.

1. Cook the grits.

2. (Tilapia) Fry my fish (season to taste) chop into small bite size pieces.

To season fish I use pepper, Sazon, onion powder, garlic powder and parsley flakes.

3. Saute (season to taste) shrimp in butter, minced garlic and green onions. Add the garlic just before fish is done because they WILL burn.

To season  shrimp use lemon pepper, garlic powder, Old Bay seasoning and Sazon.

4. Add the sauteed shrimp and fish to the grits and mix.

5. Add cheese.  (Optional)

It is up to you what type of shrimp or fish you use.  I found that Swai, catfish and salmon taste best.  You can even mix them all.  I have done this and it was out of this world. Make a cup of green tea (decaf by Salada) and there you have it.  Breakfast fit for writers.  It is filling. I am not so sure of the nutritional value, but I do know that it tastes really good.  Let me know if you have try this recipe and how it turned out.  As well, if you have another type of seafood grits recipe, let me know in the comment box how you make your seafood grits.  Thanks for reading.  Write on!

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