Friday, December 30, 2016

Casting Call for Breakout Video Up & Down by Qaydi Monrow

Filmmakers Lab, 4th Quarter Media Group and Qaydi Monrow


Production company, 4th Quarter Media Group and Filmmakers Lab are teaming up with rapper, Qaydi Monrow, to produce the video for her new song Up & Down, a parody that highlights the ongoing communication issues between a man and a woman.  I have been asked to direct the video.  I gladly accepted.  My AD is Kel McQueen.  Cinematography will be done by Rog Williams, and the team is rounded out by producers, Curtis "Karma Brown" and Hattie Stewart of 4th Quarter Media Group.


The wit behind Up & Down's lyrics finds deeper 
meaning each time you listen. Qaydi Monrow's clever use of comedy in her raps showcases her intellect. making you think and laugh simultaneously.  Qaydi is funny by nature, not taking things too seriously, except for the lyrics she spits.  This girl can rap and she sings equally as well and YES, she writes her own lyrics.

Casting call for our male lead is in order to complete the pre-production of this video. If you are someone I know personally, feel free to contact me.  All other inquiries please contact the email above.

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