Monday, April 17, 2017

Director/Writer Clint Till's Film Big and Tall Gives Minorities a Voice

One winter ago, Clint Till found his way to my Periscope while I filmed, with my Galaxy Note 4, the two feet of snow that fell that January in New York.  I was humbled as I didn't think anyone really cared to see snowfall from the second floor of my parents' home. Clint told me he was curious as to what other indie filmmakers were doing.  Our conversation was brief, but I left feeling encouraged and inspired.  I soon found that he was super talented and genuine. I thought, "I want to stay connected to this guy."  (See Clint's Reel).

Clint has many accomplishments that are noteworthy, but I am not here to brag about the awards he has been granted or the short films he has completed or even the 48-hour-film project he won. (That one made me a bit sore as I was entered the same year.) I want to introduce you to his current film and why you want to be a part of it.
Clint's film Big and Tall is an adventure about a young girl, Molly, who believes Bigfoot lives nearby her home in the woods, and she gets help from her friend Devon to get proof.   The film is in preproduction.  It is a tale of dedication and faith.

This light-hearted, family film showcases a diverse cast of actors giving voice and exposure to women and minorities in an industry where they are largely underrepresented.  The lead is a strong female character portrayed by a young Asian actor. Her on-screen friend Devon is a young African-American & her on-screen mom is a hard-working, independent single parent.

Clint and his crew humbly ask for your help to bring this film to completion.  Click the link or picture above to contribute.  There are only a few days left!

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