Friday, June 16, 2017

Film Review Friday: The Wish & The Wisp is Sure to Please at Sundance

When my cohort in the business told me we were going to a film screening at AIU, I was ready. I did not know what to expect, but I remained completely open.

Well, I wasn't ready. I was not ready for The Wish & the Wisp, the film short written/ directed by the creative mastermind, Vashmere Valentine. I was blown away from beginning to end. I was fully engaged, amazed and entertained.

This is a movie for EVERYONE and trust me it has all the ingredients for a great film short. The poster alone is intriguing. Don't you want to know what a wisp is?

The clever storyline takes you through a gamut of emotions, will have you on the edge of your seat, and frustrate you to no end, in a good way, and literally, there is no end. I can easily see this short taking the form of a franchise film or television show.

The Wish & the Wisp intertwines genres seamlessly. The idea is stretched, but not to unbelief and the direction was superb giving endless angles and shots providing the most incredible character POVs. 

It has been said that working with kids can be challenging, but this perfectly put together cast makes this film a sure standout. The characters will draw you in immediately. They had me from the opening frame. Everything, from the way the main character wears her lovely afro to the set makeup, I was completely enthralled.  The young cast will make you feel their emotions.  I think it's safe to say, they have no idea how good they are and just how much their skills are going to change their lives.

UPDATE: 11/1/2018

Just like I said a year ago, the Wish and the Wisp has shown great at the film festivals.  Vashmere Valentine and I will have a sit down coming soon to talk about all the accolades the Wish and the Wisp have garnered.  I can't wait for the masses to see it!!

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