Saturday, February 16, 2019


I know, I know, it has been way too long. I'm sorry.  The universe has had me trapped in my apartment stuck to my chair and computer.  I have been creating like a maniac! I love being creative and I am learning to stay where my wheelhouse takes me.  I can't do it all even though I have tried.

My book, about the reason why copyrights are not really effective in protecting your work is coming soon. Very soon! Thank you for all the support thus far.  Also, look for my next book My Nine Eleven, my story about my experience in Manhattan when the Twin Towers fell and how it still haunts me after all these years.

Also, look for posts for the movie I script supervised called His, Hers and the Truth coming to theaters.  The cast is on a media tour and screening the film. If you live in Atlanta or surrounding areas I will post when screenings are coming.

I rocked out in 2018 and now I have time to create my own.  This year started phenomenally and it has not quit!

I appreciate all my friends and family that have supported me thus far.  I pray that I make you all proud!  Stay up and write on!!!

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