Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Power of the Monologue: Nicholas G. Sims (Actor)

I love Instagram!  There.  I said it.  It's not about the likes or the views or even the follows, though.  It is about the relationships I would not, otherwise, have the opportunity to nurture. In the industry of entertainment, it really is about who you know. My DM is where I met Nicholas G. Sims.


I have to be honest, I don't know much about him outside of the fact that I was impressed with his monologues. I was also inspired by his belief in himself and that he was not afraid to connect and network. It is my opinion that if you are not helping someone, you are not living. That is what Filmmakers Lab is all about.

Nicholas fearlessly linked me with two very powerful monologues, in their own right, that would intimidate the best of actors. The first monologue was Bel-Air x 1994, Sims take on the scene made famous by Will Smith when his character's father (Ben Vereen) came back into his life for a moment and left just as fast. Sims did a great job of bringing forth some of the raw emotions felt in the original scene. He was very present and lured me into a scene that I knew very well.  I expected a lot and received much. My only critique would be Sims' emotions overshadowed the words and at times his enunciation was difficult to understand.  Otherwise, the performance was solid.


Did I mention, the projects were self-directed?  Sims is the kind of filmmaker other filmmakers wish they were because he has taken the time to craft his monologues in a professional and cinematically sound way, not asking for permission or waiting for someone to cast him.  He has taken control of his own destiny and is doing the work.


Now, let's talk about Sims' rendition of Horde's character in the film, Split.  Being totally transparent, I had no idea what this monologue was about or where it came from.  After doing some research, I realized it was an M. Night Shyamalan film that deals with the split personalities of Kevin Wendell (James McAvoy).  I was impressed at Sims' ability to take me through a gamut of emotions in this one scene.  Sims held my attention the whole way through and I understood every word.  Actress Chloe Broeker did an awesome job emoting a genuinely horrifying sense of terror.


When I think about why Sims would choose this monologue, I understand how this would show his range.  Recreating a scene such as this is no easy feat.  The mind must go dark, to reach the depths of where your soul has to go, to achieve a great performance in this scene.  This was just one scene.  Imagine how spent James McAvoy must have been filming this movie.

Big props and handclaps to my new friend Nicholas G. Sims for producing two great monologues.  I am anxious to see some more from him.  Stay focused and keep up the great work!


Actors continue to work on your craft and create monologues.  When you don't have an extensive IMDB page or just want to continue honing your skills, the best thing is a high-quality monologue.


  1. I love Nicholas Sims I met him at the place I work at which is ISU not only that he’s an amazing person and a great actor but he’s an Awesome spiritual man of God who’s real and not fake! Nicholas Sims is so inspirational and a very handsome guy I’ll have to admit that Not scared or Ashamed to say it at all I’m being real and honest I’m very impressed by Him he literally he’s great and I’m impressed by everything he does and I love seeing him when he comes and eats at the Restaurant I work at Indiana State University! I’m so blessed by God that I’ve met him and actually got to sit down with him at work and talk to him and be open with him about anything in my life and about my Christian life and My Love for God and all that he has done for me and for my life and in my life!! I’m truly Blessed

    1. Thank you for you comment and yes Nicholas Sims is very inspiring. His confidence is infectious. I feel blessed to have met him as well.


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