Filmmakers Lab LLC

Our Mission

Filmmakers Lab is in the attention-to-detail business.  Everyone has a story to tell, but not everyone can effectively tell their story, and getting the client’s vision right is of the utmost importance.  Filmmakers Lab’s existence was born out of helping people and a love of writing. When the ink dries, it is the company’s goal to ensure the finished script, script supervising logs, or transcriptions are exactly what the client envisioned.

Writing for the 48-Hour-Film Contest
Urban legend attracts unwanted visitors…
Writing for 48-Hour-Film Contest
A mother’s secrets have fatal consequences…
Script Supervising Work on Feature Film
There are three sides to every story…
Script Supervising Work on Web Series
One woman is just not enough…
Film Festival Selection & Cowritten by Lena-Colleen
Theresa struggles to find her worth in her relationships.
Click pic to read the script of my award-winning short film.
Media Reel of Films Written & Script Supervised
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